Factory and office building for sale

in Qeqertarsuaq -  Greenland

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Welcome in Greenland

Qeqertarsuaq is well known for his special pure spring water. From here comes the famous water wich is known in europe as the "938-Water". 


Qeqertarsuaq is the greatest village on the disco island. The population ist about 800 peoples. Most of the live from fishing, hunting and more and more from tourism.

The factory building we are selling ist placed on a part of the harbour. You can use it for production, storage from any goods or machines - or for tourism use, for example as a event hall.

On the year 2010, they found a great natural gas occurrences - and so there usually must be oil there. So you can use this hall also as a base for a oil search or a research station. The office building you can change for housing, then there is only one hotel on the island.

  • Factory hall B775

  • ca. 812m2 hall area

  • Replacement building 2010

  • Sales price: € 2'000'000.--

  • Office building​ B-428

  • ca. 192 m2 floor area

  • Construction year ca. 2008

  • Sales price: € 320'000.--

  • The buildings are maybe also to rent

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